How do I sign up?

It is important that you create an account prior to starting your adventure on Urent. Ensure you verify your account before booking a vehicle through the email we sent to you. Upon verification, we will approve your account and you can book a vehicle on Urent. Sometimes verification may take as much as 24 hours, so endeavor to get started on time.

Security is important to us, for listing, we always ensure the best hosts are verified before listing a car on our platform to prevent poor experience for customers who want to rent. If we deny your application, we may request for additional information; we may also verify renters can drive, upon verification, we will help you find the best vehicle of your choice.

How do I choose a vehicle?

First, you must select your location and browse through the vehicles available for your location. You can adjust the dates and time of your trip to suit your plan. If you have a flexible trip, you can play with the start time. We have provided a filter to help you choose your vehicle based on mileage, vehicle type, delivery, and relevant options. After finding your perfect vehicle, you can book immediately.

Do I need to wait for the host before booking?

In some cases, the car may not be available, so it’s important to contact the host to verify the availability of the car, however, we always mark available vehicles, if the vehicle is available, you can simply book without waiting for the host’s response. Once you make your booking, the host would be informed to arrange the pick-up.

How do I pick up and return?

Pick up location is determined by the location you chose to pick up the vehicle and this is the same location to drop off the vehicle. If the host provides a delivery option, you will be able to select it from the menu we provided.

Are there discounts on your trip prices?

We will inform you if there is a discounted trip price when there is any. We usually have changes in price on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We may also provide you travel credit as well.

Can I cancel the trip?

Yes, but before 48-72 hours of pickup, you can enjoy free cancellation. This means, booking in advance is very essential to make you eligible to cancel a trip when you change your mind. We will also ensure to include your free cancellation period on the listing page as well as when it would end. You will also see the length of time you can cancel the trip.

Are there prices per distance?

Yes, you entire trip price is determined by the mileage you intend to spend or you spent. We will also let you know how much more you have to pay if you use beyond the specified distance you drive.

Are there more details I can know about the host?

We always work with very credible hosts and ensure they and their vehicles are always available. We will provide you more details about your host so that you can know who they are. You can check their profile to see additional information about them.

Are there any additional details I need to know?

In some cases, your host may have some guidelines or additional instructions regarding the vehicle or parking, they will provide these details in the listing. You can contact the host through a direct message prior to submitting a trip request.

Additionally, you will enjoy a grace of eight hours to approve or decline your booking. The moment your host responds, you have booked your trip and you will be informed via email and text message.

Will I be charged at checkout?

No, you will only be able to view the fill details and breakdown of your booking and the price to pay. There is a link to complete your order. Besides, you will be able to add more details like protection plan or promo codes.

What details do I need to pick up a vehicle?

You must provide your permanent driver’s license before picking up a vehicle. If all you have is a temporary license, then you need to contact us to verify first before we validate your trip. Your host may not release the car to you if you do not provide them with your valid license. Ensure to take pictures of the vehicle and necessary details, should any reimbursement dispute occur, we can support. You bear the responsibility of returning the car the same condition you got it. Photographs of the car will help you document the condition.

What can I do if the vehicle is not in good condition?

If you find the vehicle in an unsafe condition or it’s extremely dirty or you are not satisfy with it, kindly report it to Urent and your host prior to taking possession of the vehicle!

What can I do in the case of emergencies?

Report any tolls or tickets to us immediately, if you also encounter any accidents or damage, be proactive to inform us. You may not use Urent vehicles for race or tow, and you cannot smoke in Urent’s vehicle. If you encounter any roadside issue, we can provide support by sending assistance to you. We are always available to help you 24/7.