About Us


Urent is committed to easing the booking and reservation of privately owned vehicles within the MENA region. Urent stands for an innovative solution where users can use their smartphones to rent or list their privately owned vehicles with amazing offers to either make money when they give out their vehicle for rentals or save money when they rent a vehicle respectively.

Our Product & Service

At Urent, our mission is to ensure listing your vehicle or renting a vehicle is very simple, affordable, and valuable. For rentals, we bring you free to rent a vehicle and help you find the best vehicle at a great price. We just want to make your renting and listing experience hassle free.

We also understand the importance of the service you want from us and thus, we ensure to provide you with genuine and authentic car listings and feedbacks to help you make the best selections on our site.

We work with private vehicle owners within the country to bring you the vehicles and deals of your choice to make your next trip an exceptional one.

First to Market

Urent remains the first in the MENA region to provide amazing support of this nature, to giving you the best experience. Our customer team is always available to support you through your next trip, whenever you are ready. We are always available to listen to you and provide necessary assistance when you need additional help. We bring pre-negotiated deals to you, from private vehicle owners at massively discounted rates. Our major priority is to understand our customers and their vehicle rental needs and we ensure no stone is unturned to help you get the most suitable vehicle for your next business or vacation trip!

Why Urent is a Better Solution

Urent is your one-stop and priority vehicle rental and listing site because we offer unbeatable value and rest of mind all through your rental vehicle journey. We use our experience, connection, and expertise to bring the vehicle you need and the quality of service you desire, always at an unrivaled price.

At Urent, we ensure our car listing and rental services for our customers are a win-win situation for you.

We also provide free cancellation as much as 72 hours before pickup and you can enjoy a wide fleet of vehicles, including luxury and economy rentals with no hidden charges or undisclosed fees. We also provide last minute rentals within the MENA region. Book your rental vehicle today!