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Innovation at its finest; navigate through unlimited options of vehicles and find the car that matches your need and your style! Have it delivered to your doorstep and enjoy the ride!

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All the vehicles and hosts enlisted on Urent, have to pass a rigorous background check to be eligible for posting. At Urent, your safety is our priority.

Global Exposure

Whether you rent a car, or list a car; Urent will be your one-stop-shop to navigate through vehicles as well as give a platform to expose your vehicles globally.


Get to know your hosts and guests prior to meeting them! There are no hidden fees, no grey areas and full transparency at Urent. In fact, our rating system lets you learn about the host/guest even better!


Whether it’s on wheels, or it floats, Urent got you covered! Urent is a market-place that offers all categories of vehicles and promotes the concept of sharing.

How Urent Works

Upload Your National ID and Driving License

Search Vehicles

Agree to the terms and book your trip!

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Become a Host [ Coming Soon ]

Whether you are a commercial entity, or a participant of our Urent Program, start hosting your vehicles with Urent, and gain global exposure to renters, with seamless booking procedures... More

The Urent program enables participants who have interest in becoming a host on the Urent platform. Urent offers a variety of vehicles from dealership partners:

  • No down-payments
  • No Bank-Finance
  • No hidden fees

Monthly subscriptions that enable the host to sub-lease the vehicle on the Urent platform. Start Sharing, Start Earning with Urent today. Less

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